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letter from the founders of intouch physical therapy


After years of experience working as physical therapists in North Idaho, we felt the need to work with our patients as complete individuals, not a diagnosis or body part. The healthcare environment was changing, treatment times were reducing, and care was becoming rushed and impersonal. We wanted to make a change in the right direction. In March of 2008, we established In Touch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. It was our vision of a family friendly clinic that would encompass each patient’s individual needs and take the time to provide comprehensive care that set the foundation for our culture of individualized therapy. The clinic quickly grew with licensed and support staff who embraced our same ideals and our dream came to fruition along with the rapidly growing patient base. In Touch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine continues to uphold our philosophy, maintaining a proactive approach to progress with the ever-changing atmosphere of today’s healthcare environment as we strive to provide the highest quality of care.